Friday, February 10, 2017


My best friend Patti Searle, of "Paganoonoo Patti Blouse" fame died yesterday. She was the most extraordinary woman I have ever known.

Her commitment in life was to make a positive difference with people, and she did.  She had a living memorial 1 year ago, invited 500 people and 250 came. If you viewed even a few minutes of it her contribution would become clear.

Her death was a planned exit, permitted by California's death with dignity law. She'd had cancer, breast (10 years ago), then bone (4.5 years ago) then lungs-liver-etc. Stage 4 for about the last 12 months.

She publicly shared the intimate details of her cancer treatments with everyone in her life -her feelings, everything about the journey including her decision to stop treatment and request death with dignity. Her goal was to change the dialogue about cancer and death & dying. Her journey is documented on her Facebook page.

I had the privilege of supporting her, going to all Drs appointments, chemo treatments, etc.  She had a wicked sense of humor and we were often the only ones laughing and having a good time in the infusion center.

I moved in with her a week ago to help while we waited for the meds to go through. She was rapidly deteriorating and did not want to be stuck in limbo, in pain, unable to end things (legally you must be able to take the "cocktail" yourself.)

Today, with a team of loving friends by our sides I held her as she died. I am a far better person for knowing and loving her.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's Sew Easy - Filming is complete

I had the absolute pleasure of visiting KP Productions in Cleveland and being filmed for upcoming episodes of "It's Sew Easy". Episodes will start airing in June this year.

The topics will all be upcycling (naturally).  We did 3 segments (about 11 minutes), 2 tips, and 3 Instagram commercials.

The crew was wonderfully supportive and I learned some the tricks for filming vs. live presentation.  They said I did well, whew!

Here are some photos from my adventure:

on set with #AngelaWolf, she's wearing Paganoonoo!!

The taping was in February. I saw and touched real snow! 
In my TV makeup. 
The set