Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stylish Lady in Pink

 Sometimes I run into someone with a great sense of style and it always is such a treat.  
This beautiful lady was attending a community event with me a couple months ago and agreed to let me take a photo for this blog. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thrifting for new shirts in SF - Goodwill near Japan Town

 I did a bit of thrifting in San Francisco and found this combination of grey and yellow inspired by Patti's birthday shirt.

The yellow and grey stripes look somehow dirty on their own but you should see how they glow when placed on top of the other two grey shirts.  
I also found a few other good choices.  The grey check has an especially soft hand.  

77 Shirts

 I'm about to start a sewing marathon. 

 I have created several patterns for upcycled shirts that I want to practice making.  

My goal is to speed up my turn time, work out any kinks, and then create a pattern I can sell (as well as the shirts.)

 I've collected quite a few men's shirts to make sure I have multiple choices in each color family.

I'm clearing out some shelves front and center in my studio so I'm inspired and called  to action by the neatly stacked 77 shirts the minute I walk in.

I'm estimating that I'll make ~30 upcycled shirts from the original 77.  Time for an Etsy store.