Thursday, July 19, 2018

Paganoonoo Upcycled "Noel" Blouse Examples

Welcome to the Paganoonoo Upcycle Sewing blog!  

Paganoonoo sets you up for upcycle sewing success! Our Upcycling instructions guide you through making a custom-fit garment. With step-by-step illustrated instructions each stage of deconstruction and reconstruction is clear.  All the guesswork about how to get started and get a perfect fit are handled!

Our Noel design can be made either as a dress or top.  If fact it could be converted back and forth with a quick rip of a seam.

See 3 dress versions in these previous posts:

The Noel can also be a top / tunic.  3 to 4 dress shirts is all it takes to create this loose fitting asymmetric design.

The possible color combinations are almost endless.
 This red version is one of my favorites.

This blue flannel version is perfect with blue jeans.

A Paganoonoo "Judy" flower adorns the waistband of this version

Paganoonoo instructions walk you through selecting garments, sizing*, and deconstructing and reconstructing the starting garments. Sew up your own version! 

Purchase your instructions here
*Sizing is dictated by the garment selected for the torso.  Can be made from any dress shirts - children's to plus size - making it ideal for a wide range of sizing.

Happy Upcycling, Michelle

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