Monday, June 16, 2014

TGBM Tally 16Jun14

I've been experimenting with upcycling men's dress shirts.  
This purposely oversized blouse is one of my favorites.  

The top part of the original shirt is intact. The lower half was split at center back and then moved towards the front and pleated.  Bust darts were created at the same time.

The lower half of the front was hemmed up to create a straight-across hem vs. the dip center-front in a man's shirt.

The back section was then replaced with new fabric (irish linen) and the seam created by these adjustments was covered by the ribbon.  The hemline is lower in the back than the front.

The cuffs were cut off and the sleeves turned up and hemmed.

Thrifted Gifted Bought Made Tally 

Thrifted & Upcycled
  • Blouse: made from a man's dress shirt purchased from Goodwill
  • Shoes: Painted with Lumiere paint. Instructions from Sassyfeet book
Gifted: Nothing

Bought retail: 
  • Upcycled blouse parts: Fabric lower back panel and ribbon (both from Britex
  • Necklace (2008?)
Bought from artist:  Nothing

Made: Pants and earrings

Bonus - the original shirt (2am brand) already had a blue velvet ribbon
 on the bottom half of the front placket.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Online thrifting - should have guessed!

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Holy smokes!  I just found out that Goodwill has an online auction site that work like eBay.
 Great news. for all thrifters and for serious upcyclers. 

They sell lots, I saw a lot of cashmere sweaters, another of watches, which means if you are
specializing in upcycled cashmere throws or watch face jewelry your sourcing just got easier.