Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Patti Blouse in grey with stamped and painted embellishments

This version of an upcycled Patti blouse features something
 I plan to explore more this year, surface design embellishments.

The starting shirts are all gray and fairly sedate but the blouse gets a bit of a pop from silver stamped rectangles along the center front, dark paint on the back waistband, and dark trim on the lower left back.  Subtle and a bit hard to see, the buttons have also been adorned with seed beads.

The rectangles were sewn on as is, with their raw edges pinked.

The stripes are felled seams cut from other dress shirts
The embellishments make this blouse special & noticeable in a subtle and understated way.

Sew your own upcycled Patti blouse!  All it takes is 3 dress shirts - good for your budget, good for the planet! 
Shop Paganoonoo Upcycling Instructions

Here is Anne, the proud owner, with a customer at PIQF in 2017.  The customer has on a tie dyed Patti blouse.

P. S. I made an accidental cut in the blouse when I was making it.  Don't let that kind of mistake stop you!  Here is how I repaired it:

Front side of a repair
Back side of a repair.  Using a backing fabric helps the repair hold and also keeps the repair from creating a surface pucker.