Monday, November 13, 2023

Paganoonoo Denim Challenge, 2023

Join us!!  
Submit your entry on the Facebook Group: Paganoonoo Upcycle Sewing Group by February 29, 2024 (new date!). 

Three entries will be selected at random to receive a free Paganoonoo Tutorial of their choice.

Get inspiration form Michelle's Pinterest board of upcycled denim - 1100 images!

Or make a timeless art-to-wear piece using The Paganoonoo Boro-Style Jacket tutorial.  Built on a waffle robe, this jacket has a myriad of design possibilities.  Artistic choices are explored in the tutorial. 
 Recommended for experienced sewists.

Alternatively, make the Paganoonoo Carol Jacket, the only Paganoonoo with actual pattern pieces (vs. step-by-step deconstruction and reconstruction illustrations and text), PDF version only.  
This unlined jacket with wide sleeves is perfect for layering.

Your entry can be any clothing item or accessory made of upcycled denim - it doesn't have to be a Paganoonoo design. The possibilities are endless, What will you upcycle from denim?

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Paganoonoo Contest - Magnolia Pearl (c) Style Inspired

Embellishment is great way to breathe new life into a garment, especially something a simple as denim.  Magnolia Pearl (c) brand garments have a boho, romantic, shabby chic, grandmacore kind of vibe and frequently feature embellishments.

To enter the contest:

Once your garment is complete and shared on the Paganoonoo Upcycle Sewing Group on Facebook then send a message to Michelle via Facebook.

Here are some progress photos on a pair of overalls I'm working on.
My initial pin up:
Some details as they are sewn on.  I moved things around as I went along.  It turned out that what looked good pinned flat was not necessarily flattering in 3D.  I started to try on at each step, sewing on some of the bigger pieces first.

I had this graphic from a children's book printed up at
The dinosaur patch is from
The bee patch is from 
Then I pinned on a whole lot more!  Probably too much. 
 I am thinking about next steps.  More updates later.
Too see all the entries so far, go to the Facebook group.  Hope to see yours soon!

Happy Upcycling, Michelle Paganini

Monday, April 10, 2023

Paganoonoo Judy Flower - easy scrap buster, great for gifts

Fabric flowers are fun to make, a great way to use scraps, easily dress up an outfit, and are terrific gifts. How to get started?

Paganoonoo has a set of illustrated instructions that walk you through every step. You will learn about sizing, fabrics, construction techniques and more.

This example uses shirting fabric from a man's shirt (perfect way to use leftovers from making Paganoonoo garments) and cashmere salvaged from a moth eaten sweater:

The fabric is added on layer by layer:

One option for a flower center is a faux seed head. 
In this case cashmere was selected in a matching color. Other options include a carnation like center and one that looks more like stamens.

Once attached the flower is complete:

In this example quilting cotton was used and the seed head fabric is left over from a dress shirt:

Below: In the top example the center is carnation-like. 
The one on the bottom is more like a stamen type.The one on the left is a variation using pinked felted wool circles in the center.

What colors would you like to make?  
Turn your scraps into treasures today!
Digital copy