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Top 10 reasons all sewers should include upcycling in their toolbox & Top 10 reasons to use Paganoonoo instructions to make your upcycle sewing simpler!

Earth Day 2018:


My name is Michelle Paganini and Paganoonoo is my company.  I'm on a mission have all sewers on the planet try upcycling and have a successful experience.

What, Michelle, you may say, is upcycling and what does it have to do with sewing?

Upcycling is one of the ways we can be kind to the earth.  It is an excellent way to use the resources that we have already developed and leverage them for re-use: 

Upcycle (up-si-kel): To improve existing goods (such as clothing) through the use of labor, materials, and creativity.

In upcycle sewing, pre-owned clothing is used for raw materials rather than flat fold fabric. The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluting industry on the planet!  By re-using existing clothing, rather than throwing it away, we meet that goal of best using existing resources.

Here are my top 10 reasons
all sewers should include upcycling in their toolbox:

10 - When you start with existing clothing (v.s. flat fold cloth), the characteristics of the fabric is readily apparent - the amount it wrinkles, pills, snags, runs, creases, etc.   Existing garments are already pre-cleaned, so there should be no surprise shrinkage.

9 - The quality of a garment's fabric and construction can be quite good, men's shirts are a terrific example.

8 - It is cheap! Using second hand clothing is far less expensive than using flat fold cloth.  Source from local thrift stores, e-bay, garage/yard sales, flea markets, second hand clothing exchanges, etc.  Use clothing you already have and don't wear, but love, to make something useable. 

7 - Sewing mistakes with thrifted clothes? You haven't lost much money.  Consider it a learning experience.  You can afford to experiment.

6 - Often times simple changes transform a garment into something desirable. New buttons, added pockets, embellishment with fabric paint or stamping, raise or lower a hem, etc. 

5 - The tough bits are often already sewn for you (like with dress shirts - collars, collar stands, plackets, buttonholes) making the sewing easier.

4 - You've lost a loved one and want to make something out of their clothing, for you or other family members.  It will be like getting a hug from them every time you wear it.

3 - You are curvy and/or a baby boomer and it is hard to find clothes that fit your body the way you would like - there is no room for hips, bellies, and booties!  Or you are petite or tall and can't find a good fit.

2 - Bragging rights.  You will have something no one else has, a unique creation.  When people compliment you, it is a chance to spread the word about upcycling. 

1 - Fashion is the second largest polluting industry on the planet.  The average American throws away (not donates) 68lbs of textiles annually. Repurposing our existing clothes makes good environmental sense.  We, as sewers, have magical skills we can put to good use to help green fashion.

Now that you are excited about upcycle sewing... please know that I've developed upcycling instructions that will help ensure that your upcycle sewing experience is successful....

Top 10 reasons to use Paganoonoo instructions to make your upcycle sewing simpler:

10 - There is no need to print pattern pieces, Paganoonoo upcycling is accomplished through deconstruction and reconstruction. The illustrated instructions are on standard 8.5" by 11" printer paper.

9 - Adjusting for height (short or tall) is easily done with the Paganoonoo Ashlee, Michelle, Noel, Peggy, and Rebecca designs, while still using the existing garment hems.  All of these design feature an empire waist.

8 -  Paganoonoo garments are specifically designed to be flattering for curvy ladies and baby boomers.They feature  high/low hems and are super complimentary, gliding over the body. Paganoonoo has got you covered!      

7 - Easier sewing: Most of Paganoonoo's designs are based on dress shirts.  The quality of fabric and construction in men's shirts is generally quite goodThe tough bits are already sewn for you (like collars, collar stands, plackets, buttonholes). 

6 - With Paganoonoo designs you get a custom fit by starting with a garment that fits your bust and shoulders the way you like. Everything under the armhole is a loose fit so there is room for hips, bellies, and booties.

5 - Serious bragging rights! You will have something no one else has, a unique creation, noticeably different than retail clothing. Compliments = chance to spread the word about upcycling.

4 - Our garments are timeless classics with an arty twist. They can easily be upgraded into the art-to-wear realm through artful color blocking, addition of machine embroidery, use of reverse applique, use of existing features like button plackets for trim, etc.

3 - Abundant illustrations. Upcycle sewing is the process of garment deconstruction and reconstruction.  Our illustrations capture what the garments look like as they are being deconstructed and reconstructed.

2 - Detailed instructions.  Paganoonoo instructions work through the processes step by step and in alignment with the illustrations.  Techniques are explained, pitfalls are outlined, recommendations are made, choices are outlined, etc. 

1 - Upcycle sewing is a whole new ball game.  Wouldn't you like a guided tour?  You may be able to recreate Paganoonoo's designs, but using our instructions will save you boatloads of time and aggravation. We have set you up for success.  
Start upcycle sewing today!!!  

Ready to get warmed up?
Create simple upcycle sewing projects with free video tips!  Hosted by Michelle Paganini. Add a double color to a dress shirt, combine color and pattern with confidence, shorten sleeves to ¾ and add a decorative cuff, and more!  Register today!

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Examples of some of our designs:

Happy Upcycling!!!

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