Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tally 28may13

Tally for Yesterday:

Thrifted:  dress 2012 (re-hemmed), sweater 2013, full slip 2012 (re-hemmed)

Gifted: none
Bought retail: Cole Hazan red patent leather loafers

Bought from artist: organza rose pin, pendant

Made: earrings

Sunday, May 26, 2013

On a roll

Okay, I know, nothing for a month and BAM! Three entries.  TGBM Tally today:

Thrifted: Khaki Cords (2013) , Linen hoodie (2013)

Gifted:  MOP and Red Coral bracelet

Bought Retail: Born shoes (2009?), favorite hoop earrings circ. 1982/3

Made: Nada

Fashion Collars

I just ran across something I have not noticed before, an apparently hot trend of "Fashion Collars".  Separate collars that you add on top of the same-old same-old garment to dress it up.  

Great idea.  Some of the examples I saw actually looked good, like this one:

More available here: Fashion Collars

Some of the examples I saw looked fairly simple to make. Hmmm. 

One. More. Project.


Here is me, happy as a clam! 

My garment did very well at the Discarded to Divine auction, it was one of  6 featured on a live model!!! 

It also sold for $300!  I found out later from a friend of mine that she knows the woman who purchased it - she told my friend it was her favorite piece in the show.

I was so inspired by the garments, jewelry, pillows, etc. other people designed.  The level of creativity is truly amazing.

Since then I've been embellishing a dress I picked up at Goodwill.  I love the cut but the color is not the best on me, so I've been using red pearl cotton chain stitching to add color.

My goal this summer is to buy a plethora of thrift store dresses and doll them up. I'm not a shorts type of woman and I want to be cool and comfortable : >.