Friday, August 21, 2020

Variation on Paganoonoo Peggy - vintage tablecloth skirt


 I am Michelle Paganini, Owner of Paganoonoo, and upcycle fashion designer.

 It turns out that this dress has been a favorite with all my groups so I thought I would provide a bit more information about it.

First off, it is a variation on one of my existing Paganoonoo upcycle sewing designs, the Peggy Shirt. My sewing instructions are for sale in my Etsy shop

The top half is exactly the same but in this case I used a vintage skirt length tablecloth for the bottom portion.

I am in love with vintage linens!  I also volunteer at a thrift store, the Happy Dragon Thrift Shop in Los Gatos, CA, that happens to get the best vintage linens in the Bay Area. Of course we get linens that are not in terrific shape so they do not get put out.  Turns out that this was one of those cases, and Antionette, the chief sorter, knows what I do and saved this piece for me, despite the holes.

What is especially great is that because with was so well used it developed frayed spots which also meant it had been worn into a velvety perfection of cotton softness. Therefore the drape is like a nice rayon!!

I was itching to make something with it and because of the drape I knew it would make a great skirt.  The length was perfect too.  As a very pear-shaped lady I am not overly fond of tucking in shirts so making a dress was a much more appealing option.

My "Paganoonoo Peggy" is ideal for pear and hourglass shapes. Although it is typically made with 3 dress shirts, as shown below, I thought a tablecloth could work and it did.

l draped the skirt section with pleats so it lay nicely on my curves (how did I know? Tried it on and adjusted a bunch).

The join between the top and skirt sections is covered with a flannel shirt placket (the part with buttons and button holes). I made a mock "belt buckle" with a group of buttons. 

I also switched out the white shirt buttons for teal to help tie in the skirt section.  Because I used the entire tablecloth intact for the skirt I needed something else for the cuffs.  I really wanted to tie together the colors so looked though my stash of fabrics and vintage linens.

The best color match was from a vintage unfinished quilt top.  I fashioned a pocket too but did not use it as it spoiled the drape no matter where i placed it.  

The shirt's red is so intense I needed something to break up the back.  I chose a bit of another tablecloth. It seemed slightly off center after I hand sewed in on.  I used a common fall back strategy - add a distraction for the eye.  Check out the button and the top of the patch and then the small cluster on the waistband.  They both add visual weight to the left side, hehe, balancing things out.  

If you would like to make a version of this then you will find my Peggy instructions to be invaluable. What skill set would you need?  Moderate sewing skills with experience in putting together garments and following construction instructions. 

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