Sunday, October 28, 2012

Celebration of Craftswomen Fort Mason Center — Nov 24th through Dec 2nd

One of our favorite shows in the San Francisco Bay area is the:
Celebration of Craftswomen
Fort Mason Center — Nov 24th through Dec 2nd

You may recognize this piece of artwork in our hom
"Portrait of the Artist as My Husband" by Justine Tot Tartasky, which we purchased at the show a few years ago. 

The Celebration of Craftswomen is one of San Francisco's largest holiday fine crafts retail fairs and the largest event celebrating the craft of women in the nation. Shoppers looking for unique substitutes to mass-produced goods are delighted with the original hand-made offerings at the Celebration of Craftswomen.

For 34 years, the fair has been part of the socio-political movement -- led by female artists -- that offers environmentally conscious and economically sustainable alternatives to mainstream consumption. Featuring imaginative and innovative work by some of the country's best female artisans and fine artists, quality has always been a hallmark of this highly-anticipated annual holiday show.

The event is sponsored by and is a benefit for The Women's Building, a community service center serving women and girls in San Francisco.

Saturday & Sunday, 

November 24 & 25
 December 1 & 2

10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

$7-$9 ($12/two-day pass)

More Information: (650) 615-6838

We typically go on the Sunday in November mid-morning and then eat at Greens which is in the same complex.  Hope to see you there!

The plan: modifying a mens button down shirt

Today I am working on modifying a XL mens red striped button-down shirt into a girly over-sized casual shirt.  I crave a closet full of casual shirts to wear on non-work days with jean or pants.  

I've completed a blue one already, slightly different than what is described below. It is in the washer right now so I will post a photograph later.

So far I have:

1) Released the pleat on the center back yoke

2) Starting with the fabric released at CB yoke I folded in pleats  (about 6 of them ~ 8" across by ~10 inches down) hiding the black&cream stripes.  I sewed down the pleats so there is now a patch that is just red.

3) I tested out what the pleats would look like anchored by mother-of pearl buttons top and bottom - excellent!  I will sewn them on later.

4) I cut off the cuffs

5) I cut out the side seam from the bottom hem to the end of the sleeves

6) I've pinned out pleats under the bust, this time with the black&cream stripes highlighted rather than hidden

7) I pinned in a dart at the side seam to meet up with the top of the pleating

8) Cut off the curved "tail" in the front so the shirt is straight across.

So...  I now have some shaping (via pleats) mapped out. The rest of my plan is to:

9) Add ~ 4" by 5" of pleating on the outside of the sleeves, midway between the shoulder and elbow. Again I think I will highlight the black&cream stripes. 

10)  Hem the front section

11) Pin together the side seams on the sleeve and bodice removing excess fabric while still achieving a nice balanced look.  

12) Sew the arms and part way down under the arm, leaving room so I can...

13) Add the pieces I cut off the bottom front as decorative inserts between the side seams (bottom half.)  

14) I will rotate the inserts so the striping is horizontal and make them hang about 1.5" - 2" lower than the front

15) I hang the back 1.5" - 2" lower than the godet pieces so I end up with three steps down moving front to back.

16) Hem the sleeves 

17) Sew on the decorative back buttons

18) Photograph it, post it, and wear it!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sleeves or pockets?

I was cruising a thrift store yesterday (yes again) and found a couple skirts with smocked waistbands.  I saw two possibilities for reusing the skirts:

1) sleeves with a smocked cuffs (dramatic!)

2) extra long external pockets

I have a Marci Tilton skirt pattern, Vogue 8499 view A, I've made twice that has just such pockets on both sides of center front. I'm picturing the smocking on the top of the pockets. (again dramatic!)

 Also, I bought a black top with some white embroidery that I also think would make a great pocket on this skirt - embroidery side up. 

So I looks like I might have a few more of these skirts soon or something else dramatic.

Sometimes the sheer possibility of choices is even more fun than the reality of execution.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Designer Sale at Canada

I thoroughly enjoyed the Designer Sale at Canada College. There must have been 40-50 designers booths and I felt like I was in the best boutique in the world.  

You may remember that I had $300 in my pocket from relining Caryl's tuxedo. It was particularly fun to look knowing that I could buy too.  I toured the whole show and settled on two items.  

The first item is a lower calf length indigo died skirt that comes in a little at the bottom like a balloon skirt. It has ties on the inside so I can scrunch it up. It is from 7 Hands Design of Saratoga, CA.

 I love the heavy weight of the fabric and think it will be great with winter boots.  One problem when I wore it this week - too full and gathered at the top!  It made me feel as though I looked 15 lbs heavier around the waist.  

Hmmmm.... I opened up the top of the skirt and removed the stitching and elastic, then took in the side seams considerably and also created two darts equidistant from the side seams to take in the waist even more.  The top of the skirt now fits closer to my actual waist size. I added a zipper so the skirt no longer needs elastic in the waistband.

The second item was a pair of black ankle-length heavy weight cotton knit pants.  Very arty and so versatile I feel like I just doubled my winter wardrobe as I can wear them with all of my arty jackets.

 I bought them from JANE MOHR DESIGN'S / DRESS TO KILL / CAZ KNITWEAR and let me tell you I could have bought every single item she had and been very, very happy.  Here are some examples:

I spent the last of my change at

Missing a Few Buttons, Santa Rosa, CA 

and Park Bench Patterns 

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