Friday, November 16, 2018

Sew a new favorite upcycled flannel - Paganoonoo Patti style

Paganoonoo Patti upcycled
blouse features a
loose-hip and high/low hem
Paganoonoo specializes in a new kind of sewing, upcycled. Upcycling is kind of like recycling (using materials again) except in upcycling the material value is upgraded.  Time, materials and/or labor are used to make a change that increases the value beyond that of the starting material.  

For example, when a parts of a thrifted plain flannel shirt are added to two other shirts - the new design is more desirable (valuable) than the original shirts.
Paganoonoo Patti design
Made from a flannel shirt,
shirt placket & tie-dye cloth
Paganoonoo Patti upcycled blouse has a loose fit at the hip.
Upcycle your favorite flannel!

  Upcycle sewing is done using primarily existing garments as the starting materials instead of flat cloth.  

It is eco-friendly and good on the budget
  • You get a perfect fit - just by starting with a garment that already fits your shoulder, bust and upper arms the way you like. 
  • Everything below the bust is transformed into a loose fit.
  • Getting a custom fit is that easy for everyone from a XXS to 3X or larger.
A great place to get started is with Paganoonoo's easiest to make and most versatile design, the Patti blouse
Paganoonoo Patti blouse made from
3 flannel shirts. Loose hip fit. High low hem
Paganoonoo Patti blouse made
from 3 flannel shirts. Spray
of decorative buttons on the placket.
Paganoonoo Patti blouse made from
3 flannel shirts. Loose hip fit. High low he
A traditional dress shirt is modified to add a back panel, creating abundant hip and belly room.  The resulting blouse is magical, it looks great on every figure type, and it gently skims the body rather than straining anywhere.  

The loosely pleated back panel provides an opportunity to mix fabric colors or patterns for interest.

Paganoonoo Patti blouse made
from 3 flannel shirts. Loose hip fit.

How do Paganoonoo sewing instructions work?  The instructions walk you through the process of cutting up the garments and sewing pieces back together. There are no pattern pieces to pin.  Technical illustrations and instructions walk you through every step of deconstruction and reconstruction.  If you have successfully sewn a garment in the past you can make the Paganoonoo Patti!

This Patti blouse was embellished with
a spray of buttons on the front placket
With Paganoonoo instructions you are set up for success!

Get started upcycling today - instructions are available from the Paganoonoo Etsy shop

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Happy Upcycling! 


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