Monday, September 13, 2021

Raw Edge Mandarin Collar Transformation

I scored a plain denim collared shirt recently at the thrift store.  It will make a great fall top or dress. I haven't decided which.  In the meantime, while on a zoom meeting and a bit restless, I picked up the shirt and seam ripper and picked out the top part of the collar.  

I'd done this before and just stitched it back up into a polished looking mandarin collar (tip on how to do that here).  This time I noticed the inside seam was a darker color as it had not faded in the laundry.  I like a raw edged look and the idea of a darker band on the top of the collar.  

I pulled up the seams, trimmed off the excess threads, layered them and hand stitched them together.  This makes the collar a bit taller and softer looking.

Next up - it is just a tiny bit too tight across the bust.  I think I will unpick the underarm seams and add a godet. 

More as it progresses!

Happy upcycling, Michelle