Monday, May 8, 2017

Simple upcycled summer skirt - The Paganoonoo "Bekah"

Paganoonoo is offering sewing instructions for this upcycled DESIGN, perfect for summer!!
The Bekah skirt is an A-line skirt constructed of dress-shirt sleeves and front plackets.  The sleeve cuffs form the waistband (built-in interfacing, pleating and flair!!).  Harvested front plackets are used to make a front button closure. Three to six men’s (or women’s) dress shirts are used to achieve the color blocking.



RESULTS IN A CUSTOM FIT! Sizing is scalable; fit is adjustable based on the shirt sizes chosen as starting materials. The key to sizing success is to select shirts with total cuff widths larger than your waistline. Instructions for calculating useable cuff width, including seam allowances, are included.  For example, an XL might take 3-4 shirts, which includes 6-8 sleeves.
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INSTEAD OF FABRIC: 3-5 Men’s dress shirts or equivalent women’s shirts.  Select shirts that are not prone to excessive wrinkling.  Cotton/ploy blends work well.  If you are a larger size or want a longer skirt stick with men’s XL and XXL shirts.
NOTIONS AND EQUIPMENT: Thread, 2 hook & eyes, 2 small snaps, iron and ironing board, marking tool (dressmaker’s chalk, etc.), pins, hand sewing needle, ruler, tape measure, seam ripper, sewing machine and scissors.

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sewing pattern sizing

Did you know that sewing pattern sizing is not the same as retail clothing sizes?  

I wear a 14 retail and a 22 or 24 pattern size.  If you've ever been faced with making massive adjustments trying to get a pattern to fit you've probably purchased the retail size. Choose your proper pattern size from the measurements on the back of the envelope. Also note that vintage pattern sizing is different than today's sizing. 

One of the advantages of Paganoonoo upcycling instructions is that the sizing self adjusts.  Because you are starting with a ready made garment, the fit is all determined by the starting garment you choose. The fitting in Paganoonoo garments is in the bust and shoulders so that top garment dictates the size.

For instance with the Patti Pattern so as long as you choose a dress shirt that fits the way you would like across the shoulders and bust, you get a perfect fit.

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Happy Upcycling!

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