Sunday, June 30, 2013

Surfing fodder!

How to join the "Fashion Upcyclers" group located in the San Jose, California area

Here is the description of the Meetup group I formed:

"This is a group for people who are interested in the "upcycling" fashion movement, meaning we start with existing fashion (clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, etc.) and transform these items into something wearable, better than before, rather than buying new retail goods.

Several years ago I found out the fashion industry is one of the top contributors to global warming.

This prompted me to made a commitment to forgo retail shopping (okay, not for undies) and

1) buy only directly from artists, or

2) sew for myself, or

3) buy used clothing.

I've been about 85% effective in meeting my goal and as a result I've become very good at upcycling used garments & it has turned into a very fun and rewarding game.

Our members share ideas, examples of their work, resources they've found, and events relevant to our interests."

We now have 8 members!!!!!  Our first meeting is July 20th.  Join us...

Monday, June 24, 2013

New MEETUP group formed for Fashion Upcyclers

I formed a new MEETUP Group!!!   "The Fashion Upcyclers South Bay" because I would love to connect with other people interested in upcycling clothing.  So cool.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

itchy bit in new garment

More wardrobe problems...

I purchased a new bra yesterday and put it on to wear it this morning.

It fit well yet after several minutes I noticed an irritating scratchy bit at the edge of the cup.  The thought of living with that irritation all day was unacceptable. Returning the garment seemed like a frustrating waste of time.  
I suspected that the problem was microfilament thread - clear thread like fishing line, only thinner.  Manufacturers use this type of thread because there is no need to match the fabric color. This thread has sharp ends, therefore each clipped end is scratchy. I've noticed that it is frequently used to sew labels into the back of the neck.

My solution this morning was to take a new emery board (fingernail file) and run it over the scratchy area.  It worked! The emery board rubbed down the sharp end of the thread. I wore the bra all day with no problems. 

This solution works on the inside of a garment but beware that it will rough up the fabric. Use caution, if you have a very thin fabric then damage could show on the outside too. 


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pants that unzip themselves, Arrgh!

The past several months I have been increasingly aware of those little wardrobe irritants that keep me from wearing certain garments. 

I've diligently been working on fixing the problems or getting rid of the offending garment.  

Case in point, a pair of black jeans I bought around Thanksgiving last year. Slowly (and perhaps with a slight weight gain) the zipper has started unzipping itself when I sat down, arrrgh!!  

At first I compensated by wearing longer shirts and re-zipping the jeans as discretely as I could all the while accompanied by that uneasy feeling that somehow I was going to be found out. Or maybe I would fall down, my shirt would fly up, and I would be laying on the ground with my pants still buttoned but with my undies showing and a crowd of people standing around me.  

I let my jeans linger for a long time in the laundry basket in protest, however I only have 2 pairs so something had to give.  I washed them, put them on, and rediscovered the problem.  

I had an idea.  Last week my friend Patti gave me her mother's notions tin and it had some big black hook and eyes... and...

My friend Patti
most of the expensive/nicely made pants I have owned have a built in safety feature: two buttons for closure, one on the inside to relieve some of the strain from the main button, and as a safety feature if the main button breaks. 

Hmmm... applying this same principle, perhaps I could alleviate some of the strain on the top of the zipper by forcing the top of the jeans to pull closer together with the hook and eye.

SUCCESS!!!   Today I wore my black jeans and they did not unzip themselves even a little bit.  I just got a wardrobe staple back with 10 minutes worth of sewing and a gifted vintage notion.

Thank you Patti!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I received a scholarship!!!!

 Tonight I was invited to a meeting of the South Valley Quilt Association. Morgan Hill, California where I was awarded a scholarship to study fiber arts.  Yahoo!!!  

Thank you ladies and gentleman of the Association and thank you Ronda Chaney (Canada College Fashion Department Chair) for encouraging me to apply for this scholarship! 

The scholarship money will be applied three ways:

1) Tuition at Canada College in Redwood City, CA for summer and fall 2013 (already registered)

2) A muslin covered dress form from PGM (watch out for new draped clothes!)

3) A Craftsy class, Hand Embellishing Knit Fabric, instructor: Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin fame. 

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!!!  It's like Christmas and my birthday all in one.