Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Patti Blouse as interpreted by Paganoonoo customer Victoria

Paganoonoo customer Victoria sent photos 
of her new upcycled blouse, made from men's dress shirts, along with this message:

"Hi Michelle!
Your presentation (on upcycle sewing) at Puyallup (Sewing and Stitchery Expo) was fabulous.  I was inspired to get back to my first attempt.  So, here is my finished garment.     

I will be wearing this as it is giving me joy just looking at it.  Your instructions were superb. (Victoria used the Paganoonoo "Patti" design instructions and modified the collar)

I was baffled as to how to change up the collar as the button down is not my style.  I used V8709 for the collar idea.  I also made cuffs with a slit.
I have purchased the Michelle Dress pattern and that is next in line.  Your enthusiasm is most inspiring.
Kind regards,


Your version is fantastic!  The green and navy combination is striking and the alternative collar is quite attractive.

Thank you for sharing!


P.S. To see other inspiring versions of the Patti blouse visit these blog entries.

More info on upcycle sewing at Paganoonoo.com
Purchase instructions at www.etsy.com/shop/paganoonoo 

    Monday, March 14, 2016

    New Release! As Seen in Puyallup: The Michelle Dress

    The latest Paganoonoo upcycle sewing pattern makes 

    Sorry to shout but this dress is a dream to wear.  
    I named it after myself as I practically live in the ones I own. 
    The design is very similar to our most popular pattern, the Peggy Blouse, and features the same flattering arched-front empire waist. 
    The Paganoonoo Michelle Dress in Blue

    Paganoonoo Michelle Dress #Upcycled fashion
    The Paganoonoo Michelle Dress in Blue
    The Michelle Dress is a variation on a classic shirt dress. The twist is the wonderfully deep front pockets and the draping around the pockets.  I love wearing mine as I can cart around so many things without adding bulk to my middle. My pockets end at mid-thigh so no one can see what's knocking around in them. 
    The Paganoonoo Michelle Dress In Red Flannel

    The red flannel version is like being in pajamas all day.  I've been thinking it would look very good layered with a lace bottomed petticoat so that's on my sewing wish list. The dress can be made with as few as three shirts as in the blue version, or more.  There are parts of five shirts in the red flannel version.

    My friend Cindy, of Cindy Blouse pattern fame, is coming over to model a couple smaller sized versions and George will take photos that I can post.  Here is one version on a a dress form:

     The Michelle Dress pattern is available at the
    Paganoonoo Etsy Store.

    Happy Upcycling!  Michelle

    Thursday, March 10, 2016

    #1 Sewing Expo Fan Vote - The Ellen Blouse

    The "Ellen" blouse was the hands down people's choice for release as the next Paganoonoo Pattern.

    It's featured here with a Judy Flower at center front. The waistline sits just above the natural waist.  

    The bottom of the blouse is color blocked. One set of shirt materials make up the front of the bottom, like an apron. The second materials starts forward of the side seams and wraps around the back.

    The lower back features pleating. The sleeves are left as-is and rolled up. I really love the combination of black and white stripes.  

    Stay tuned for release dates!

    P.S. if you purchased an Ashlee pattern at the expo please see this post.

    Monday, March 7, 2016

    Whoops! Over enthusiastic pre-Expo edits leads to pattern recall... Ashlee Patterns purchased at the Expo only

    I was thrilled to revise all Paganoonoo patterns with new illustrations prior to the Expo.  New covers too!
    Prior version
    Expo version
    I also made an environmentally friendly choice to separate the Garment Summary Sheet and Bonus Chemise Instructions as each customer needs only one copy if they purchase multiple patterns (Thank you Jessica for the suggestion).

    I consolidated the pattern content and updated instructions.  Just when I was feeling all proud of myself I got a reality check in the form of a message from a customer.

    This lovely lady purchased the Ashlee pattern and was making it over the weekend when she ran into instructions that did not make sense.   Thankfully she contacted me.  

    I took a look and found that I had made a change which affected references on multiple pages, which were now no longer valid, whoops!!!  I have fixed the pattern and sent her a new copy with an offer of a gift. 

    BTW it is my policy that if there is an issue with a Paganoonoo Pattern and you bring it to my attention I will be both eternally grateful and generous. 

    That leaves the rest of the ladies who purchased an Ashlee Pattern at the Expo.  Unfortunately I know the number sold, but do not have a list of your names or contact information.  

    Please contact me at michelle@paganoonoo.com so that I can take care of this issue for you.  Please verify that you were at the Expo by letting me know what was on the round stand. 

    FYI - Online files were not affected as they have not yet been updated with the new versions.  

    Humbly Yours,


    Friday, March 4, 2016

    Puyallup Sewing Expo 2016

     Paganoonoo's first year at the Sewing Expo 2016
    What a wonderful time!  We visited with many current upcyclers and those just learning about the possibility of upcycling.
    The booth looked great!

    Spacious enough for customers, plenty of sample garments.

    Our banner let people know what we had to sell
    Folks got a chance to vote on which future patterns they wanted released next
    I brought examples of thrifted shirts to show the color possibilities.  On Saturday I thought of braiding the sleeves together to demonstrate color combinations.
    The other garment rack held pattern samples.

    Jessica rang up sales and kept us organized.  She also modeled a steampunk'd hybrid Peggy/Ashlee Paganoonoo.  Hard to see here but she had great hardware closures and a big bow on the back.

    George is as elusive as ever in photos, he takes them but rarely gets in one.  He was my rock and our roadie, logistics guy, driver and flirted with all the ladies.  They nicknamed him "Booth Candy".

    I'll share more later, suffice it to say that on all fronts the event was a wild success!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I can't wait to see your Paganoonoo creations. Happy Upcycling,


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