Sunday, August 29, 2021

Ellie Dress Hack - Turn your Paganoonoo Ellie T-shirt into a Dress!

The Paganoonoo Ellie t-shirt is flattering and comfortable, solving the common problem of not enough room in the hips and belly.  

Once you've transformed your t-shirt, it can also be made into a very comfortable and flattering dress.  This post provides links to the methods for the dress hack.

Here is an example of an Ellie t-shirt that has been transformed into a dress.  The bottom tier of the dress was made with another t-shirt and part of a vintage linen tablecloth.
Watch this video to see three examples of Ellie t-shirts, including the one above, that have been transformed into dresses.

There is also a one page instruction sheet that is a companion to the video. 
 A PDF copy is available here.

We also did a live zoom session with additional information. 
You can view it here.

What other Paganoonoo garment hacks would you like to see?
Let me know in the comments section.

Happy upcycling!