Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mens wool sweater into cardigan, TGBM Tally 03Dec13

Thrifted: Upcycled sweater 2013, petticoat 2012, shoes 2012

Gifted: Scarf ~2008

Bought Retail: Buttons (from a button vendor at a quilt show), skirt ~2005

Made: Upcycling on the sweater

I just finished converting a regular round necked men's lambswool sweater into a cardigan. Step 1) Wash the sweater in warm water and tumble dry.  It shrinks and felts so it doesn't ravel when cut. Step 2) Cut off the waistband and cuffs.  Sew them together to make one long band.Step 3) Cut up the center of the sweater and cut out the shape of the neckline you want.  Step 4) Place your long band on top of the right side of the sweater opening, raw edges on the raw edge of the garment. Sew a narrow seam. Press in place and then turn band towards opening and press pushing the seam toward the sweater body.Step 5) Choose your fastener for the front. In this case I chose to use oversized buttons because I plan to wear the sweater primarily with this skirt and I thought they went well together.  I did not put in buttonholes (cheating!).  I sewed the band closed so this is really a mock cardigan as it cannot be opened.  I could do this as the neck opening is large so I can pull it on over my head.Step 6) I put the garment on inside out and pinned myself in on the outside seams, under the arms and on the sides.  I took the garment in at the pinning.  Because it will be paired with a full skirt I wanted it fitted.
Bonus - I put on a lined cotton skirt on underneath to create volume (like a petticoat)Now I'm ready for our cold snap.  It is going to freeze overnight, brrrrrr, happens very infrequently in San Jose, CA.