Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Paganoonoo Upcycled Jeans and Belt Bag Class Online $35

 I love to upcycle jeans. 

They are well constructed, age beautifully and are plentiful.  Leather belts are also easy to find at thrift stores. A few years ago I decided to pair the two into crossbody bags.  

I wear them just about every time I go out, especially for shopping and travel.  People are fascinated and we end up discussing upcycling fashion and the possibilities. 

I realized the bags would make great gifts or projects for home sewists.  The bags can be plain & rugged, or embellished, are unisex, useful for all types of people, and are sturdy, lasting a long time.

The possibility to create something uniquely yours is endless.  These bags are the perfect palette for experimentation.

The great news...

I created an online bag making class that covers:

- how to sew starting with denim jeans
- selecting the best type of jeans and belts 
- how to plan and construct the bag 
- how to attach the belt
- the best time to add any embellishment 
- embellishment inspirations
- how to care for the bag

Best news yet - it is only $35 for 45 minutes of instruction! You can watch and work at your own pace.  Get started making your own bags now.

Happy Upcycling! 

Michelle Paganini