Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Paganoonoo Ashlee blouse by Jeannine Bould, The Knitress

A long time fiber artist, Jeannine has a fantastic eye for color combinations. She chose a light green mini check paired with buttercup yellow, accented with a whimsical flower trim.

Thank you Jeannine for the inspiration! 

The style is the Paganoonoo Ashlee pattern with the following alterations: 

1) Jeannine used cuffs for the waistband instead of plackets

2) The lower back is in three color blocks: yellow print, green (with a placket running down the center back), then yellow print again

3) The addition of the whimsical flower trim wandering on and off the waistband 

4) Fuller pleating (more fabric) in the lower part of the shirt

5) Sleeves are left long and the addition of a contrasting cuff

I adore this summery version. Check out how beautifully her espadrilles complete the outfit!

Jeannine tells me that she went on a Paganoonoo sewing spree for days so there are more blouses to share in the future.  We see each other periodically at a series of events we both attend and she promised to wear them so I can share with you.

Jeannine happened to find a matching shirt for her husband Alex. They made quite a smashing pair. 

Start upcycling your own garment today! The Paganoonoo Ashlee upcycling instruction booklet/pattern available at the Paganoonoo store
Please send photos of your finished garments so we can
 all be inspired by your creations!
Happy Upcycling,

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rebecca Dress Release? Paganoonoo Progress

You may be among the folks wondering why the Rebecca Dress pattern has not been published yet. I worked on prototypes last year, loved it, couldn't get it done in time for Puyallup, hoped to get it out last month and did not.

Work has been in progress and the pattern is close. There have been  a number of contributing factors to the missed deadline.  One is that our extremely talented illustrator, Jessica, left Paganoonoo to take on a movie illustration assignment. Good for Jessica, not good for Paganoonoo illustrations. 

I've been speaking with some possible illustrators as well as folks to help with pattern writing.  I can see that my design capacity far outstrips my pattern development capacities.  And like most artists the part I want to do most is design.  

Which also brings me to Paganoonoo as a business. The last 1.5 years has answered the question of "Do I have a business?"  Most certainly yes!!!!  We've reached some amazing milestones:

Published: Threads Magazine, Issue #177

"Paganoonoo.com" Website Launched

Patterns: 6 garment and 2 accessory patterns published

Etsy and Craftsy online stores launched and doing great

Talks/Workshops Given: PenWAG,  Haute Couture Societe Frenso, ASG Santa Rosa, Sewing/ Stitchery Expo, Puyallup, WA!!! (3 sold out sessions),  Canada College Fashion Dept.

Fashion Shows: EcoFashion LA, Haute Couture Societe Fresno, PenWAG, Canada College, Facebook Farmer's Market

Sales Events / Venues: Sewing+Stitchery Expo, Puyallup, WA, 
Artistry in Fashion, Canada College Redwood City, San Jose Quilt and Textiles Museum

Exhibits: San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum: Fast Fashion, Slow Fashion

Social Media:  Blog at 95K page views, Pinterest 11.8K followers

Nancy's Notions is now selling 2 Paganoonoo patterns.

There is much more I could mention, including all the wonderful people I've met.  It's been amazing, rewarding, fulfilling, a dream come true, and I can envision so much beyond what's already been done. Just about every day I wish I'd accomplished more.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to take the time to breathe and that growth strategies and directions don't need to be decided this very moment.  Patterns will be released, even if not today.

Thank you for being great customers, friends, mentors, support (especially George and Jessica), and inspiration.  Stay tuned and Happy Upcycling!


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Collaboration with OnceUponAStitch - Machine Embroidery and Sandy Blouse Pattern

I met Stephani Knutson, the creative genius behind OnceUponAStitch.net at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo this year. She stopped by the Paganoonoo booth wearing the most remarkable embroidered birds I have ever seen.  
It turns out the Stephani has worked with birds for years and she's talented enough to translate her extensive knowledge about birds into these incredible machine embroidery patterns. 
See the bird patterns here.  I was enthralled!

She and some other customers mentioned that the Sandy Pattern was perfect for showing off machine embroidery.  Hmmmmm. 

Stephani and I started to discuss a possible collaboration.  We agreed that the pattern and embroidery designs would be likely to make an excellent match.  We will both make a test version.

Stephani just sent these stunning pieces.  I am very excited to make a Sandy blouse featuring these OnceUponAStitch designs.  Of course I will be sharing the results right here!

Make your own version of the Sandy featuring machine embroidery. Purchase the pattern here and please send photos as we all want to see the results!

Happy Upcycling!  Michelle