Monday, November 13, 2023

Paganoonoo Denim Challenge, 2023

Join us!!  
Submit your entry on the Facebook Group: Paganoonoo Upcycle Sewing Group by February 29, 2024 (new date!). 

Three entries will be selected at random to receive a free Paganoonoo Tutorial of their choice.

Get inspiration form Michelle's Pinterest board of upcycled denim - 1100 images!

Or make a timeless art-to-wear piece using The Paganoonoo Boro-Style Jacket tutorial.  Built on a waffle robe, this jacket has a myriad of design possibilities.  Artistic choices are explored in the tutorial. 
 Recommended for experienced sewists.

Alternatively, make the Paganoonoo Carol Jacket, the only Paganoonoo with actual pattern pieces (vs. step-by-step deconstruction and reconstruction illustrations and text), PDF version only.  
This unlined jacket with wide sleeves is perfect for layering.

Your entry can be any clothing item or accessory made of upcycled denim - it doesn't have to be a Paganoonoo design. The possibilities are endless, What will you upcycle from denim?

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