Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Patti Blouse as interpreted by Paganoonoo customer Victoria

Paganoonoo customer Victoria sent photos 
of her new upcycled blouse, made from men's dress shirts, along with this message:

"Hi Michelle!
Your presentation (on upcycle sewing) at Puyallup (Sewing & Stitchery Expo) was fabulous.  I was inspired to get back to my first attempt.  So, here is my finished garment.     

I will be wearing this as it is giving me joy just looking at it.  Your instructions were superb. (Victoria used the Paganoonoo "Patti" design instructions and
modified the collar

I was baffled as to how to change up the collar as the button down is not my style.  I used V8709 for the collar idea.

 I also made cuffs with a slit.

I have purchased the Michelle Dress pattern and that is next in line.  Your enthusiasm is most inspiring.

Kind regards,

Thank you Victoria!

I love your combination of light greens with navy, a favorite of mine too. The collar adaption is clever.  I hadn't thought of an add-on like that. 

Happy upcycling!


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  1. This blouse if fabulous and one that I long to have in my closet. It would be my go to blouse when nothing else looks just right - Surprise - I would wear it everyday. Good job - I am going to try my hand at this. Love the navy blue with the green.