Monday, March 14, 2016

New Release! As Seen in Puyallup: The Michelle Dress

The latest Paganoonoo upcycle sewing pattern makes 

Sorry to shout but this dress is a dream to wear.  
I named it after myself as I practically live in the ones I own. 
The design is very similar to our most popular pattern, the Peggy Blouse, and features the same flattering arched-front empire waist. 
The Paganoonoo Michelle Dress in Blue

Paganoonoo Michelle Dress #Upcycled fashion
The Paganoonoo Michelle Dress in Blue
The Michelle Dress is a variation on a classic shirt dress. The twist is the wonderfully deep front pockets and the draping around the pockets.  I love wearing mine as I can cart around so many things without adding bulk to my middle. My pockets end at mid-thigh so no one can see what's knocking around in them. 
The Paganoonoo Michelle Dress In Red Flannel

The red flannel version is like being in pajamas all day.  I've been thinking it would look very good layered with a lace bottomed petticoat so that's on my sewing wish list. The dress can be made with as few as three shirts as in the blue version, or more.  There are parts of five shirts in the red flannel version.

My friend Cindy, of Cindy Blouse pattern fame, is coming over to model a couple smaller sized versions and George will take photos that I can post.  Here is one version on a a dress form:

 The Michelle Dress pattern is available at the
Paganoonoo Etsy Store.

Happy Upcycling!  Michelle

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