Monday, March 7, 2016

Whoops! Over enthusiastic pre-Expo edits leads to pattern recall... Ashlee Patterns purchased at the Expo only

I was thrilled to revise all Paganoonoo patterns with new illustrations prior to the Expo.  New covers too!
Prior version
Expo version
I also made an environmentally friendly choice to separate the Garment Summary Sheet and Bonus Chemise Instructions as each customer needs only one copy if they purchase multiple patterns (Thank you Jessica for the suggestion).

I consolidated the pattern content and updated instructions.  Just when I was feeling all proud of myself I got a reality check in the form of a message from a customer.

This lovely lady purchased the Ashlee pattern and was making it over the weekend when she ran into instructions that did not make sense.   Thankfully she contacted me.  

I took a look and found that I had made a change which affected references on multiple pages, which were now no longer valid, whoops!!!  I have fixed the pattern and sent her a new copy with an offer of a gift. 

BTW it is my policy that if there is an issue with a Paganoonoo Pattern and you bring it to my attention I will be both eternally grateful and generous. 

That leaves the rest of the ladies who purchased an Ashlee Pattern at the Expo.  Unfortunately I know the number sold, but do not have a list of your names or contact information.  

Please contact me at so that I can take care of this issue for you.  Please verify that you were at the Expo by letting me know what was on the round stand. 

FYI - Online files were not affected as they have not yet been updated with the new versions.  

Humbly Yours,


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