Friday, March 4, 2016

Puyallup Sewing Expo 2016

 Paganoonoo's first year at the Sewing Expo 2016
What a wonderful time!  We visited with many current upcyclers and those just learning about the possibility of upcycling.
The booth looked great!

Spacious enough for customers, plenty of sample garments.

Our banner let people know what we had to sell
Folks got a chance to vote on which future patterns they wanted released next
I brought examples of thrifted shirts to show the color possibilities.  On Saturday I thought of braiding the sleeves together to demonstrate color combinations.
The other garment rack held pattern samples.

Jessica rang up sales and kept us organized.  She also modeled a steampunk'd hybrid Peggy/Ashlee Paganoonoo.  Hard to see here but she had great hardware closures and a big bow on the back.

George is as elusive as ever in photos, he takes them but rarely gets in one.  He was my rock and our roadie, logistics guy, driver and flirted with all the ladies.  They nicknamed him "Booth Candy".

I'll share more later, suffice it to say that on all fronts the event was a wild success!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I can't wait to see your Paganoonoo creations. Happy Upcycling,


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  1. Michelle just wanted to say Thank you for the workshop you gave the Santa Rosa ASG members yesterday, Sat. March 19th. Just finished my version of the Patti shirt and will send pictures later. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. I like that you didn't give us too much information at one time so it was easy to stay on track. I hope to have the pleasure of taking classes from you again. Anne Graver