Saturday, June 2, 2012

building and painting display stands

Big doings in the Paganini garage yesterday and today.

The small display made from the dowel and the drum hoop is close to done!
I went to Southern Lumber and had round base and top pieces cut to order. George found a way to mount the drum hoop on the dowel. He mounted the curved forks which look amazing.  I went this morning to the hardware store and bought paint in a nice pecan color which is complementary to the blue of the bags (thank you Principles of Design training). The pieces are almost all painted.  George has brilliantly strategized a method for the whole thing to be disassembled for storage (brilliant!)

The door display has the most critical part completed - George made a mount to hold it upright. He cleverly curved the edges to match the frame on the mirror. Next - sand, fill holes, paint, cover up the doorknob hole.

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