Monday, August 6, 2012

Bags: Time to make and costing

As I've been making jean bags I've noticed that it is hard to cut down the time involved which I think is needed for a marketable selling price.  

The thing that appealed to me when I first made them was the unlimited creativity of doing what looked right to me for a balanced design and interesting texture without consideration for time involved or anything else.

Taking apart the jeans and finding a pleasing way to put them back together can take 4-6 hours a bag, especially when it is lined and has a zippered pocket.   

If I charge at the going rate for labor for a seamstress, plus overhead, plus profit I think I am at more than what the market will bear.  

Not surprisingly I find myself less and less inclined to work on making bags as I ask myself - to what end am I making them?

Honestly I am a bit bummed as I have a booth reserved for the September 29 Designer Sale at Canada College, Redwood City, CA.  What can I make and sell besides bags? Of course I will have some and will see what happens. Seems prudent to have other items too. 


TGBM Tally
Thrifted: Nada
Gifted: Jewelry
Bought: Jeans and Red Patent Leather Loafers
Made:  Red, White & Blue Sailor Collar top

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