Saturday, September 14, 2013

Goodbye Valentino blog

  I just finished a marathon reading of the first year of this blog started in 2011:

The blogger made a committment to forgo buying ready to wear for one year and instead sew any clothes she wanted.  She made a large collection of garments that first year and is quite tasteful in her choices. The blog has clear beautiful pictures and is easy reading, well done all around. I highly recommend it. 

I've grown increasingly weary of most things in my closet. I'm also (shockingly) not in much of a thrifting mood.   I just hired a friend to help me move my sewing room into a larger room and organize it. I now know where everything is, fabrics, notions, tools, and patterns. I too think it would be amazing to sew, sew, sew a new wardrobe. 

So, I sew, I sew, it's down the hall I go,..

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