Tuesday, September 2, 2014

For and against

I've been reading Your Logo Is Irrelevant by Michael  R. Drew.  He suggests that businesses define what they are for and what they are against. Hmmmm, I thought, and tried out various ways to express what I feel. These come close:

As a citizen of America I am against exporting the social injustices we fought against and won almost a century ago: child labor, unsafe working conditions & slave wages & devastatingly long working hours.  I am against exporting the environmental devastation we fought and won against decades ago: rampant contamination of water, soil, air and more.  I am against supporting and perpetuating these injustices through the import and purchase of ridiculously under-priced fast fashion built on the platform of unpaid social and environmental costs.  I am against fashion that is ill-fitting, ill-looking, shoddily made of poor materials that is good for nothing after a season of wear.  I am against a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear coupled with an itch to buy more.

I am for beautifully made fashion with a timeless quality, favorite pieces that are reached for again and again, clothing that lights you up and lights up those that see you. I am for looking great everyday, at every age, and every shape, being the walking work of art you are as you live each day, year, and decade of your life.  I am for supporting those who do business ethically, both socially and environmentally. I am for buying from and supporting artists and the gifts of beauty, innovation, inspiration and creativity they provide us all. I am for transforming the already existing abundance of fashion around us into new fashions, and that upcycling become a common way of thinking, a common way of life.

What are you for and against? 

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