Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Coming soon, The Ashlee Blouse

I've been finalizing my next digital pattern, The Ashlee Blouse, and plan to publish within the week on my Etsy Store. The process of writing a pattern involves making up multiple versions of the garment, perfecting the techniques and steps needed to reproduce the design and then translating that information into illustrations and instructions. 

Upcycling doesn't involve using paper pattern pieces, as in sewing from flat fold fabric, instead it is is built on deconstruction and reconstruction of existing garments. 

One of the biggest advantages of this method is that sizing is self scaling, based on the starting garments.  Anyone that can find a collared dress shirt that fits the upper torso well can successfully make these patterns. 

pet peeve of sewers the world over is inadequate pattern instructions coupled with confusing & sparse diagrams. Paganoonoo patterns include detailed instructions and step-by-step illustrations to support newer and experienced sewers. Illustrations are on the left, so those with experience can skip right past the written instructions. 

Let's exercise our creativity and start a green sewing movement! 

Happy Upcycling,  


Coming Soon:

The Ashlee Blouse completed design

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