Saturday, January 24, 2015

Darning, mending, and knit repair guru

In my Pinterest  Forays I keep running across wonderful examples of mending that link back to Tom of Holland, a man who is truly passionate about slow fashion and extending the life of clothing.

He runs Visible Mending Programmes in England and has a great blog with examples of projects and things like antique darning and mending samplers.

I love the idea of visible mending and having clothes well made enough in the first place to warrant mending. I think this is one of the reasons I'm drawn to natural fibers, they wear well and to me age well too. Similar to the difference between aged wood or aged plastic, aged wood gains character where aged plastic tends to just look awful.

The grey four-shirt cotton dress featured in Threads has a mend that is only visible up close. A stain is covered with a small square patch of the same material. One of the things Tom talks about in his blog is invisible and visible mending and when each might be appropriate.  On that grey dress, the color, pattern, and texture play between the four shirts is so subtle that a visible (noticeable) mend would have been more of a distraction than an enhancing feature.

I plan to incorporate more visible mending when I have the opportunity.  That means I'll have an eye out for rips and tears. Think I could talk some construction workers out of their old work jeans? 

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