Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm loving this version of the Paganoonoo Peggy Blouse in yellow.  
I lucked out finding the yellow stripe as it is a cotton seersucker with a beautiful hand.  All three of the shirts are men's dress shirts.

Fitting the Peggy blouse is easy once you find a shirt that fits the way you'd like across the shoulders and bust.

I recommend semi-fitted, no gaping at the buttons across the bust and no binding across the back 
when you swing your arms forward

This blouse is done in one of my favorite color schemes, which is using all one color family with subtle patterns like stripes.  

This combination shows off the lines of the pattern.  It is also a bit art-to-wear as it clearly did not come from a department store. 

The ⅔ to ⅓ color split across the back is on purpose.  It is more slimming than splitting the color down the middle.

With summer here I've also been doing combinations of yellow/grey,  pinks, pink/light grey, purples, and pale aqua.  If you can't find any of these colors at the Goodwill on Meridian in San Jose it's because I've cleaned them out.  Happy Thrifting!

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