Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nick and Nora PJs sacrificed for dog scarf

It is national dog day today!  

My husband is a cat lover but I prefer dogs.  
Hmm... unconditional love v.s. "You may exist in my presence.....for now" is an easy choice.

In honor of national dog day I have a project to share.  
I was thrifting (surprise!) the other day and found an adorable 
Nick and Nora pajama top. 

I can always spot Nick and Nora PJs because the graphics are so great.  I bought the top thinking I could embellish a scarf.

I've been finding really nice viscose and pashmina scarves at my local Goodwill lately.

So while we were driving to LA a few weeks ago I harvested the dogs using pinking shears.

It looks like a dog chewed it, LOL.

Then I hand sewed the dogs onto a white viscose scarf
 using a running stitch.
Totally adorable.
The small circle is to cover a stain on the scarf.

Love it with  black outfit.
I'm going to have to step away from the computer and go out in public to show it off!  Happy National Dog Day!

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