Thursday, November 19, 2015

My New Favorite Patti Blouse

I have a new favorite version of the 

I found a wonderfully soft dress shirt in this lovely pale aqua 
and fell in love with the texture, drape, and the color. 
Then I was lucky enough to find a silky soft cotton skirt lined with SILK! in complimentary colors. I know, Amazing.

So I substituted the skirt for the back panel and left in the yummy silk lining. 

The double collar added a third fabric.

Then I went crazy with my fabric scraps from other projects and embellished the front with a collection of circles sewn on with free-motion stitching, leaving off the pattern pocket and stripe.
As you can see I left the back section (skirt) quite long making the blouse a bit dramatic and eye catching.

And here I am wearing it with an upcycled skirt.  The skirt was originally a Britex knit fabric blouse I made from that never quite fit right.  The fabric was quite expensive so I wanted to re-use it.  Turned out all I needed to do was cut off the shoulders, sew up the side seam closing the arms holes,
and add a bit of elastic. 

 For size reference I am a truly average American woman, 5' 6"and a size 14.  I am also pear shaped. This blouse is quite loose (I like loose) and would accommodate a much larger and taller person.  

Happy Upcycling!  Michelle

Patti Pattern available for purchase here

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