Monday, April 25, 2016

Cashmere and Cotton Upcycle by Paganoonoo

I custom made this blouse for my dear friend Cynthia so when the pattern gets released you know who it will be named after! (not in the queue yet) It was the first time I paired cashmere with cotton and I liked the combination.
Paganoonoo Custom Made Upcycle for Cynthia

Paganoonoo Custom Made Upcycle for Cynthia
The other day I needed a creative boost so I started draping with no outcome in mind. I began with a beautifully colored top, printed skirt, and the leftover cashmere from Cynthia's blouse.  

I paired the top of the cashmere turtleneck with the shirt
I used a zig zag stitch to ease the strain on the cashmere
I split the back 1/3 print and 2/3 original color and test fit an overlay piece.I topstitched the overlay in place after pressing the edges under to match the shirt armscye and side seam

There was a vertical pucker parallel to the overlay so instead of fighting it I made a tuck.  Then I sewed the tuck together with green embroidery thread and used french knots for interest.
The front needed something more and I did not want anything too busy to disturb the play of colors so I added a large pocket from the remainder of the cashmere.  It is purposely oversized to hang loosely at the top. All good, but a bit boring.

I knew another element was needed.  In these cases I usually turn to the Judy Flower pattern, as I did here. What a difference!

Happy Upcycling!

Upcycling instructions are available in the
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