Friday, July 29, 2016

Miles Frode, Artist

had the pleasure of meeting Miles Frode, Diane Ericson's son while at a DOL retreat in Ashland, Ore.  

Miles is charming, talented, playful and a true artist.  He came and showed us an amazing variety of work, paintings, textiles and more.

Here is Miles holding my experimental stamping and silkscreening sample from the Design Outside the Lines (DOL) workshop.

I had so much fun that I invested in some hand carved Indian fabric stamps, more about that in another post.
I contacted Miles recently and did something really fun for me and for him.  I sent money and then asked him to pick a variety of his textile work to send back to me.  

Kind of like when I do this with florists, call and say "here's the budget, go crazy", I know I get the biggest bang for my buck by putting the expert in charge. 

Miles went all out and exceeded my expectations, starting with the beautifully adorned shipping box!

Wow!!! and I hadn't even begun to check out the treasures in the box. 
Grinning ear-to-ear I opened the box and found a small work of art a.k.a. a thank you card!

And the Fabric!!!!! The only request I made was colorful with a bit of black and white...
Item #1
 Item #2
 Item #3

And three shots of one larger piece, #4. I adore the colors!

 Item #4, the

pièce de résistance:

 I think this spectacular piece is raw silk.  Goodness, how will I ever decide how to use it?  So many delicious bits but the piece as a whole is especially wonderful.  

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Miles! 
Contact Miles:

And if you are into upcycling clothing, mine:  I sell sewing instructions so that others can duplicate my upcycled designs.
Happy creating!!  


  1. Michelle How are you ever going to decide what to do with the large is so spectacular! It's going to have to 'season' and 'age' for a while. Becky