Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Paganoonoo design "Ashlee blouse" is upcycled from 2-3 dress shirts, men's or women's. This version features a shirt with a great cornflower blue and lime green color combination and a bold stripe. The empire waistline has flattering pleated lower front that skims the figure. It is flattering for many figure types.
It looks fantastic on the customer who purchased it.  Make your own! The instructions are sold as PDF and hard copy in booklet format (printable on standard 8.5 x 11 paper).  There are no pattern pieces to cut out and pin.  Instead the booklet walks through each step of disassembly and reassembly of the starting garments. 
If you have ever started or been tempted to start an upcycle sewing project then you've encountered the puzzle of working with 3-D garments rather than cutting from flat fold cloth.  

Paganoonoo instructions give complete disassembly and reassembly instructions and illustrations, setting you up for upcycle sewing success.  Also included are sewing, fitting, finishing, and color choice tips and more. Any stitcher who can find a dress shirt that fits their bust line and shoulders they way they like will get an excellent custom fit.

Michelle, founder and owner of Paganoonoo is committed to every stitcher in the world try upcycling at least once, have a successful experience, and get hooked, adding upcycling to their sewing tool chest.  This is how Paganoonoo Patterns was born.

Why upcycle?  Because fashion is over-abundant and ending up in landfills.  Michelle believes that as stitchers we have magical sewing skills that can transform "waste" garments into treasured and flattering fashions. 

As an added bonus, purchasing second hand garments is often quite a bit less expensive that purchasing flat fold cloth and some of the tough bits are already done, such as buttonholes, colors, collar stands. etc.
 Join her in sewing green!

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