Monday, January 29, 2018

Demo - A tool for sewing thick seams, clearance plate

Hello, I'm Michelle Paganini, owner of Paganoonoo, an upcycle fashion designer and patternmaker.If you don't already know what upcycling is here is my definition:

Upcycle (up-si-kel) To improve existing goods (such as clothing) through the use of labor, materials, and creativity.

Upcycle sewing is using existing garments to build new fashions, instead of buying flat fold cloth.  One of the things I love about upcycle sewing is the ability to take advantage of already existing features, like hems, so that no new hem needs to be created.

One of the problems with using existing hems is that they are bulky and difficult to sew.  There is a tool called a clearance plate (I call mine a thick seam aid, a.k.a "Hump Jumper") that solves this problem.  

Sandy Glickfield

Click here for my demonstration of how to use one. The one in the demo came with my Viking machine. There is a commercial version called a "Hump Jumper" that does the same thing.

This demo is my first home produced video so it will likely make you laugh.  It was filmed by my good friend Sandy Glickfield (who also came up with the name Paganoonoo.) 

My goal is to set up a home video studio and produce professional quality video classes and open an online school!  Stay tuned.


P.S. My upcycling instructions are for sale in the Paganoonoo Etsy Shop.  

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