Sunday, August 11, 2019

Upcycled Embellished Children's Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are such a classic.  And tiny jean jackets are irresistible.  

I've been collecting children's overalls and jean jackets and am starting to experiment with embellishing them.

I volunteer at a wonderful thrift store in Los Gatos, CA called the Happy Dragon.  

The ladies doing the sorting know I upcycle.  One of them saved a very well loved baby blanket destined for the rag bag thinking I could do something with it.

She was right!  Although the blanket itself was not in good shape it had chenille like motifs that were still looking good.  I fussy cut the motifs off of the blanket.  Difficult to sew on because of thickness I actually glued it on with fabric glue (still machine washable).  It is secure but I will anchor it on with some thread tacks just in case. 

With this next child's jacket I used parts from a pair of cargo shorts for a more rugged look.  The challenging part was editing the number, size, and placement of the accents.  The jacket itself has so many design details and seams that my focus was accenting rather than altering the garment.
 It was tempting to want to add more!  I'm glad I stopped and let it rest for a bit.  I like it just as is.

I offer upcycling instructions for home sewers through my company, Paganoonoo.
One of the designs is a kimono style jean jacket made from parts of jeans using a waffle style robe as a base.
The instructions walk you through design decisions about placements of light, medium, darks, the size and shape of the pieces used, etc.

Once the planning is done, the instructions cover construction techniques.  You create  your own an art-to-wear garment!  These are customer interpretations of the design:
Paganoonoo Boro Jacket
designed by Evan

Paganoonoo Boro Jacket
designed by Trudy Smith
Make your own version!
Visit our Etsy Shop.
       Happy upcycling!  Michelle

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