Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Turned hems with a curve, the easy way


I am Michelle Paganini, designer for Paganoonoo. Curves are one of my favorite design elements.  They often show up in my designs as high/low hems with a curve in the back.  

The technique described today is for turned hems, that is hems that are pressed under once, and then pressed under again prior to topstitching. This method creates an easy turned hem. Video link here.  Steps outlined below.

1) Run a stitch line (large stitch), just inside of where the hem will be turned. Turn the stitching to the inside as you press.  

Where there is any difficultly turning and pressing due to the curve, pull up the thread from one stitch, slightly gathering the fabric. This makes it easier to turn. Repeat as often as needed.

1a) Optional - along tight curves make a second row of stitching on the hem, between the raw edge and the first row of stitching.

2) Tuck the raw edge under, butting up against the turned hem.  If necessary, and when you have stitched the second row described in 1a, pull up one stitch when needed to pull in the curve.  Press.

3) Topstitch the hem just along the top. 

4) Optional: pull out the stitch lines as they are no longer needed. 

5) Give a final press for a professional look.

Enjoy your curved hem!

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