Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Refashion Runway 2020 Contestant! Michelle Paganini

After 5 years creating upcycled designs for Paganoonoo and translating them into sewing instructions for other stitchers, I’ve developed a tool box of techniques. I love all my designs and see them as classics with an arty twist. I love that Paganoonoo designs flatter all types of figures.  

If you don't know me from Paganoonoo, you may know me from appearances on “It’s Sew Easy” a syndicated PBS TV show or my own YouTube video sewing tips. More info at www.paganoonoo.com 

And, as with many artists, I crave time to create, and explore new perspectives. Lucky me! I juried into Refashion Runway hosted by Beth Huntington. It is an online 6 week challenge to refashion, with the emphasis for each week selected in advance, much like Project Runway. There are 15 contestants!  If you would like to see previous seasons, check out Beth’s retrospective post. 

Whether you call it refashioning, upcycling, or something else, creating new fashions out of existing clothing makes sense for the budget and for the planet. Bonus factor - creativity!  I enjoy the challenge of working with 3D garments and the opportunity for creative problem solving and experimentation.

We will start with 1) Statement Sleeves, then follow with  2) 1970’s, 3) Faux Fur,  4) Small to Large, 5) Southwest, and 6) Kentucky Derby Hats.  

For me growth occurs mostly when I'm in the uncomfortable place of facing the unknown and acting anyway, risking looking foolish. As a previously self declared "Upcycle Sewing Guru" with quite a bit of experience, I'm both confident and fearful - how embarrassing would it be to wash out early?  How great would it be to do well and develop new skills? 

Flop, survive, or thrive - I'm in with 14 other talented ladies.  Shout out to my friend and fellow contestant Diane Sladowski, who creates amazing upcycle denim pieces. 

Do I hope you love my designs? Yes! Would I love your support? Yes!   

There will be a winner each week, based on votes (like yours) 50%, and 50% judges choice.  You can vote for your favorites at www.therenegadeseamstress.com starting January 25, 2020.

P.S. speaking of sleeves - I have a free video tip on how to add a turned cuff to a dress shirt.  Great for making ¾ sleeves!

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