Friday, May 27, 2016

Review of Free Upcycling Guide by EcoFashionSewing's Mariana Kirova

I ran across Mariana Kirov's site while surfing on the web for upcycled fashion. 
The tag line on the site is: "We inspire with methods and techniques that turn unused clothing and materials into alluring fashionable pieces!"

Mariana follows up on that promise with the offer of a free guide on upcycling, a generous 55 pages of guide! 

I signed up for the mailing list and immediately received the e-guide as a PDF. I read the guide and am very impressed with the range of what is presented.

Mariana spends a good portion covering the basics of design principles such as color theory, fabric texture, line direction and silhouette, all handy when you are inventing your own new design. 

She follows up with various upcycling techniques coupled with examples from upcycle designers you'll know from Pinterest such as Jam Fashion and Broken Ghost Clothing. 

The booklet ends with "3 Simple Steps to Start Your Own Upcycling Project" and links and resources.  

Wow - what a generous gift!  I recommend reading it if you have any interest in upcycling.

In addition to the free guide Mariana also developed this amazing graphic, follow the link to see the whole thing. 


What a delight to find such a kindred and generous soul!  

Thank you Mariana!!!

P.S. I've developed beautiful and flattering upcycled fashions with instructions that you can use to duplicate the garments and get a custom fit. The brand name is "Paganoonoo" and the instruction booklets are sold on Etsy.  
The reason I created Paganoonoo is that I want all sewists to have successful upcycling experiences!  Upcycling is great for the planet and kind on our budgets. Check out my upcycling article in Threads magazine issue #177!

Happy Upcycling! 


  1. Michelle, thank you very much for the kind words:) It's my great pleasure to make whatever possible to save as much clothing from the landfill as possible.

    We all need to share and use all the information that could help us, and... make our amazing craft even more enjoyable;)

    Thank you for the beautiful article! Have a lovely day!

  2. The link for the eGuide seems broken, btw. Here it's the right one: