Friday, May 20, 2016

Studio Post Cleaning

My studio almost reached a state of perfection before I dived into another project, LOL. Here is a peek at the current state of affairs. 

I consider myself lucky that I have a hardwood floor for easy sweeping of scraps. The grey shirt is my latest project. More about that another time.
#Paganoonoo Studio
 The increased amount of room with the table on the far wall and the slimmer depth dresser on the long wall is delightful!  The dresser was a lucky find at a garage sale.
#Paganoonoo Studio
A peek inside the drawers:
All those little and essential tools, like seam rippers, bodkins, wax, chalk markers, etc.

I confess, I hoard old tracing paper and cannot abide the new stuff. 

Misc paper stuff, including the Thread issue (#177) with my article

Snaps of all sizes, hooks/eyes ditto, belt buckles, whopper poppers, purse findings, and other hardware.

Scissors and cutting tools, many of which need sharpening.

 Embroidery hoops, fodder for the DVD player.

Office supplies, hammer, piece of wood to use with leather punches and for the button hole cutter, magnetic wand for picking up pins and needles, etc.

 Adhesives of all sorts, leather punch kit, magnifying glasses, compass set, recycled yarn, etc.

Vintage linens, mostly crocheted

On top of the dresser I store my rulers and "grab-it" thing in a large glass vase. The decoupaged piece is a gift from Jo, a family member we lost last year. Miles Frode 's drawing, painted on the inside of a piece of bark, is temporarily resting in a glass vase.
Paganoonoo Studio, drawing by Miles Frode
 The rest of my storage is in the built-in drawers and shelving.  Now I have all my scraps in bins sorted by color, yeah!  I also have bins for extra collars (got to love double collars!), sleeves, plackets, pockets, and pinked seams from shirts. 

Having containers to hold scraps from my projects is making tidying up and retrieving much easier.

 I use Pampered Chef twirling utensil holders for my pencils & markers. At a garage sale I found a piece of wood with holes drilled out for my Sharpies.

My parents gave me two framed vintage paper silhouette cutouts of a women sewing that belong to my Grandmother.

If you think upcycling prevents large stashes, ha, ha, ha....
Here is mine in the room next door to my studio.  
 Some the things on the rolling racks are finished Paganoonoo garments and there is a whole lot stash going on.  

If you are now inspired and ready to start sewing, try out a Paganoonoo upcycle design, instructions are for sale in the Paganoonoo Etsy Shop.

Happy upcycling!  



  1. What a tease!! Inquiring minds want to know about the gray shirt! But I do know how amazing a good tidy is for your energy! Nicely done.

    1. Thank you! I will post detail on the grey shirt, I promise!