Monday, May 23, 2016

New "Patti" Blouse with Anime character

Latest upcycle tale:

I got REALLY lucky in a thrift store.  I was cruising through the boy's section because it can be hard to find decent XS shirts in the men's and women's section and I ran across an amazing printed shirt featuring a large Anime character.

 I'm sure some of you know exactly who this character is, but I just liked the graphic.  It's the kind of heavy synthetic polyester I normally wouldn't touch but this was irresistible.

What to pair it with?  I found a poly skirt in greenish yellow with light grey netting on top.  Perfect!  And for the third element I knew I needed to play to the colors in the shirt without introducing major competition.  

Of all things a flannel plaid worked perfectly. I ADORE how playful this version is.

You can also make a shirt like this using the upcycle sewing instructions in the Paganoonoo Patti Pattern, available in my Etsy shop.  Intermediate stitchers will delight in the detailed instructions and numerous illustrations.  Create your your own version now!

Happy Upcycling! 


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