Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tidying up the Paganoonoo Studio

I've been ready to unleash all of my creative inspiration from the Ashland retreat AND have been faced with the reality of a very messy studio.  Too messy to even want to unpack.  

I've been tidying up this last week, buying storage containers, sorting, recycling, making give-away piles, and finding/rediscovering stuff, LOL.  I feel very blessed indeed to have several rooms for Paganoonoo activities.  I'm focusing on my sewing area.
I swapped my long dresser and long table which gives me less depth in the room, but more floor space. 
My original watercolors
Love my long IKEA table
And the built-in cabinets  
Sorting out and labeling all the bits and pieces
Getting close to done!

Happy Upcycling,



  1. Thanks for the inspiration! You should see my studio. :-( I really need to get busy organizing.

  2. You are welcome! I hope you post before and after photos.

  3. Love the water colors! Another of your multi-talents.

  4. I love the watercolors, too--very vibrant. Doesn't it feel absolutely LOVELY to finish a project like de-cluttering one's studio? There's something so freeing about it. Do you find that you have to have things visible in order to use them? That's how I am--if I put things in colored bins/boxes I'll completely forget about them. Yet, I can't stand clutter ... it's a hard thing to find a system that works!

  5. Thank you for the watercolor compliments! I learned a great deal about color theory from my watercolor instructor, Mike Bailey, and I use the information daily. I have a series of pincushion watercolors, maybe I'll some art to my Etsy site.

    I can't wait to finish and yes it makes a huge difference. The clear containers will inspire me to use the pieces I already have. I'm thinking I should look in all by drawers and boxes once a month, just to remember what's in them, LOL. I wish I had 16 lifetimes to act on all of my ideas! I've also been thinking about all of the cool tools I have and how to start incorporating them into my work.

    Like my bias tape maker (too cool), tube turners, stencils, vintage belt buckles, snaps, specialty feet, vintage embroidered linens, hand crocheted lace, ribbons, vintage doilies, embroidery thread, beads, button collection, stamps, fabric paint, fabric pens... I know I'm forgetting things. So much fun!!!