Sunday, October 28, 2012

The plan: modifying a mens button down shirt

Today I am working on modifying a XL mens red striped button-down shirt into a girly over-sized casual shirt.  I crave a closet full of casual shirts to wear on non-work days with jean or pants.  

I've completed a blue one already, slightly different than what is described below. It is in the washer right now so I will post a photograph later.

So far I have:

1) Released the pleat on the center back yoke

2) Starting with the fabric released at CB yoke I folded in pleats  (about 6 of them ~ 8" across by ~10 inches down) hiding the black&cream stripes.  I sewed down the pleats so there is now a patch that is just red.

3) I tested out what the pleats would look like anchored by mother-of pearl buttons top and bottom - excellent!  I will sewn them on later.

4) I cut off the cuffs

5) I cut out the side seam from the bottom hem to the end of the sleeves

6) I've pinned out pleats under the bust, this time with the black&cream stripes highlighted rather than hidden

7) I pinned in a dart at the side seam to meet up with the top of the pleating

8) Cut off the curved "tail" in the front so the shirt is straight across.

So...  I now have some shaping (via pleats) mapped out. The rest of my plan is to:

9) Add ~ 4" by 5" of pleating on the outside of the sleeves, midway between the shoulder and elbow. Again I think I will highlight the black&cream stripes. 

10)  Hem the front section

11) Pin together the side seams on the sleeve and bodice removing excess fabric while still achieving a nice balanced look.  

12) Sew the arms and part way down under the arm, leaving room so I can...

13) Add the pieces I cut off the bottom front as decorative inserts between the side seams (bottom half.)  

14) I will rotate the inserts so the striping is horizontal and make them hang about 1.5" - 2" lower than the front

15) I hang the back 1.5" - 2" lower than the godet pieces so I end up with three steps down moving front to back.

16) Hem the sleeves 

17) Sew on the decorative back buttons

18) Photograph it, post it, and wear it!


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