Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sleeves or pockets?

I was cruising a thrift store yesterday (yes again) and found a couple skirts with smocked waistbands.  I saw two possibilities for reusing the skirts:

1) sleeves with a smocked cuffs (dramatic!)

2) extra long external pockets

I have a Marci Tilton skirt pattern, Vogue 8499 view A, I've made twice that has just such pockets on both sides of center front. I'm picturing the smocking on the top of the pockets. (again dramatic!)

 Also, I bought a black top with some white embroidery that I also think would make a great pocket on this skirt - embroidery side up. 

So I looks like I might have a few more of these skirts soon or something else dramatic.

Sometimes the sheer possibility of choices is even more fun than the reality of execution.

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