Monday, November 12, 2012

Perfect fit panties

It has been sneaking up on me. I've reached that critical point where the number of panties I have that I'm still willing to wear are too few to last my normal laundry cycle. Ugh!

I went out to Nordstrom rack and picked out a selection - only one of which was remotely passable so..... I took apart a pair of ragged favorites and made a pattern and then two practice pairs.
I think I have the pattern just right so I can make an adundance this week. Having a large number of perfecting fitting panties seems like such a luxury. 

 Bonus: I can use up a really nice knit from Emma One Sock that turned out to not to work so well for blouse material. 

Thank you Lynda Maynard for the Lingerie class at Canada College! 

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