Monday, December 17, 2012

Vacation wardrobe via Goodwill

We went to Mexico on vacation last week which was wonderful!

Flash back to two weeks ago: I'd been tied up with a family emergency, then Thanksgiving, then sick and then work!  Was I ready for vacation packing - NO! I had purged many of my summer clothes in August leaving me little to wear in a tropical climate; I thought I'd sew then did not get it done. Off to guess where? - Goodwill.

I found a bounty of summer dresses!  And white shorts that fit! And a vintage full length bateau back Hawaiian dress (below) under $10. For less than $100 total had a selection that dressed me for the whole week.

We did not want to leave!  Here is the table set for a party with 80+ of our closest friends.

Here I am in a beach wrap I've had for years.  I'm holding a Parrot Fish. I was an amazing blue color.

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