Wednesday, June 19, 2013

itchy bit in new garment

More wardrobe problems...

I purchased a new bra yesterday and put it on to wear it this morning.

It fit well yet after several minutes I noticed an irritating scratchy bit at the edge of the cup.  The thought of living with that irritation all day was unacceptable. Returning the garment seemed like a frustrating waste of time.  
I suspected that the problem was microfilament thread - clear thread like fishing line, only thinner.  Manufacturers use this type of thread because there is no need to match the fabric color. This thread has sharp ends, therefore each clipped end is scratchy. I've noticed that it is frequently used to sew labels into the back of the neck.

My solution this morning was to take a new emery board (fingernail file) and run it over the scratchy area.  It worked! The emery board rubbed down the sharp end of the thread. I wore the bra all day with no problems. 

This solution works on the inside of a garment but beware that it will rough up the fabric. Use caution, if you have a very thin fabric then damage could show on the outside too. 


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