Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pants that unzip themselves, Arrgh!

The past several months I have been increasingly aware of those little wardrobe irritants that keep me from wearing certain garments. 

I've diligently been working on fixing the problems or getting rid of the offending garment.  

Case in point, a pair of black jeans I bought around Thanksgiving last year. Slowly (and perhaps with a slight weight gain) the zipper has started unzipping itself when I sat down, arrrgh!!  

At first I compensated by wearing longer shirts and re-zipping the jeans as discretely as I could all the while accompanied by that uneasy feeling that somehow I was going to be found out. Or maybe I would fall down, my shirt would fly up, and I would be laying on the ground with my pants still buttoned but with my undies showing and a crowd of people standing around me.  

I let my jeans linger for a long time in the laundry basket in protest, however I only have 2 pairs so something had to give.  I washed them, put them on, and rediscovered the problem.  

I had an idea.  Last week my friend Patti gave me her mother's notions tin and it had some big black hook and eyes... and...

My friend Patti
most of the expensive/nicely made pants I have owned have a built in safety feature: two buttons for closure, one on the inside to relieve some of the strain from the main button, and as a safety feature if the main button breaks. 

Hmmm... applying this same principle, perhaps I could alleviate some of the strain on the top of the zipper by forcing the top of the jeans to pull closer together with the hook and eye.

SUCCESS!!!   Today I wore my black jeans and they did not unzip themselves even a little bit.  I just got a wardrobe staple back with 10 minutes worth of sewing and a gifted vintage notion.

Thank you Patti!

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